1957 Jaguar XK SS Recreation

1957 Jaguar XK SS Recreation, It was well-known that a fire destroyed 9 of the 25 XK SS Jaguars at the Brown Lane Factory along with the Tooling to create these breathtaking Cars. The majority of the surviving Cars remained in the United States. The most well-known owner of one of the original 1957 Jaguar XK SS was Steve McQueen, the American Actor and Racer famous for his documentary on the 24 hrs. Of LeMans Race and many other great achievements in Cinema and Motor Sports. His same Car now in the Peterson Museum in La. Calif. is believed to be worth North of 25 Million Dollars. This is a Real Engineering (UK) componet build from 2005 with only 1200 miles. Fitted with a 4.2 litre engine, 5 spd gearbox and a independent rear differential. Stainless exhaust headers, steel braided brake and clutch hoses and Weber triple 45 DCOE carbs.